Toll Free Number

What is Toll Free Number?

A toll-free, Free call, Free phone, 800, 0800 or 1-800 number is a special telephone number which is free for the calling party, and instead the telephone carrier charges the called party for the cost of the call. A toll-free number is identified by a service access code, from a dialing prefix range similar to a geographic area code, such as “800″. The specific service access numbers can vary by country.
The capabilities of toll-free services have evolved as telephone networks have moved from electro-mechanical call switching to fully computerized stored program controlled networks.
For example, in today’s computerized networks, use of a toll-free number often allows for capture of telephone numbers of incoming calls.
A toll free number is an essential part of any customer-centric organization. Be it for lead generation or customer feedback, publishing a toll free number goes a long way in creating the perception of being a customer-focused organization.

Customers get a Pan-India toll free number to access your brand or organization. Convenient and easy to use, your customers are just a phone call away from you, at no cost to them. You can choose from a wide range of unique numbers that will help strengthen your brand efforts and recall. What’s more, MAHAOFFERS delivers detailed, itemized bills in excel format to help you manage your telecommunication spends. Toll free numbers can be dialed from all major operators across India.
11 digit number 1800-XYZ-ABCD

Who can subscribe for Toll Free Number?

• Enterprises or organizations with large customer base or having call centers.
• Retail products and services Industry.
• Ideal for hotels and restaurants.
• Companies providing after sales support as customers associate a Free phone number with the quality of the business products or services
• Whole business community in general

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